President's Message-Dr. Paul DeHaan, March/April 2017

Paul DeHaan, MD

President, MCMS

It’s true. History does repeat itself. I, for one, am now living it. This is my second stint as your
McHenry County Medical Society President. I am honored and excited to work with the Board again
and keep our society moving in the right direction.
I would like to say thank you to all the members that came to our Annual Meeting in February. It was
such a pleasure to come to one of these meetings and not be braving ice and snow. We had a very
intriguing speaker, a great dinner and got the chance to talk with many of our colleagues. It was nice
to see each and every one of you enjoying yourself. I feel blessed to be part of this great
I also wear the hat of your ISMS District Trustee. ISMS is working diligently down in Springfield advocating for you and
your practices. The article in this edition’s newsletter about the narrowing networks and how we must start raising
awareness for these bills with doctors (and the public) is one example of the fine work our lobbyists.
We are a strong county today, and to be a strong county tomorrow takes members. Please talk with your fellow
physicians that may not be members and ask them to become members to strengthen our lobbying and advocacy