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MCMS for 2020-Join or Renew

01/02/2020 4:30 PM | Deleted user

Why does our local medical society matter? And why should physicians support it? There are so many organizations vying for the interest of physicians these day that supporting your local organization can seem unimportant or unnecessary. Yet, the McHenry County Medical Society is the only collective professional voice representing all physicians in the county regardless of specialty or practice setting. MCMS keeps physicians organized around the causes and issues that matter the most; the safety and care of patients and the integrity of the profession. Your membership support helps keep the office of MCMS running with staff dedicated to keeping the Board operations running smoothly as well as producing programming throughout the year that encourages learning and engagement of physicians beyond the workplace.

As the opportunities for collegiality,  networking and activism have eroded with the rise and influence of corporate medicine, doctors are forfeiting their involvement in organized medicine at an alarming rate. A lack of involvement in organized medicine threatens to undermine the professional integrity of physicians. Without adequate involvement in organized medicine the professional standing of physicians is becoming weaker. Physicians must not abdicate their responsibility in making a difference in the politics of medicine. 

Whether you practice independently, with a group, or are employed with a health system, MCMS represents you and needs your support. The future of MCMS depends on each doctor making the local society a priority. 

Join MCMS or renew today! 

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